Desolation Road Studios-Artist’s Pot Luck Dinner

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The Studios hosted its first Artist’s Potluck Dinner which coincided with November’sOpen Mic on

Friday November 18th from 6pm-11:00pm.  The attendance was great and the food even better!


Jim Miller-BBQ’d Beef on Sourdough Rolls

Cheryl Gutmaker-Mac-N-Cheese

Gail Kidder- Apple Crisp

Dave Grunenwald & Beth-Chicken Enchiladas

Danielle Seiderer-Hummus and Sun Dried Tomato Wraps and Pumpkin Bread

Deborah Von Zink-Deviled Eggs

Norman Bauman & Marijo Dougherty-Coffee-Chocolate Mascarpone Layer Cake (and Plates/Forks)

Julie Branch-Green Salad with lots of good stuff in it.

Barb LaFleur-Mango Cornbread

Nancy Feiker-Sweet Potato Pie

Sandy Shoor

Amy Atkins-Brownies

Connie Rue-Nacho Salad

Lorraine Chirico Smith-Broccoli Salad

Sue Miller-A Homemade Dessert

Nancy Reilly-Chocolate Chip w/Coconut Cookies

Erika Adams-Oatmeal Bread and Apple Ginger Salad

TE  & Deb Brietenbach-Butternut Squash & Apple Soup

Lars Turin-Appetizers

Robin Crow-Snickerdoodles & Wine

Bob & Linda Bernardi-Stuffed Mushrooms!!!

Jean & Dan Mackay-Turkey & Cranberry Sandwiches

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